Don't Let an Assault or Battery Charge Define You: Get a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers to Help.

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What they Don't Tell you.

These days, our world is filled with more cameras than we once ever thought possible, collecting evidence from ubiquitous cameras can often make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. However, those camera recordings typically have a very short shelf life. In most instances, as a new video comes onto the hard drive the oldest video falls off. Given that it is often weeks or months between an alleged assault and the case getting into court, it is imperative that evidence gathering begin happening as soon as possible after the alleged assault.

Frequently Lawyers don’t bother to start collecting evidence until after a case has been filed. By then most of the evidence favorable to the defendant is long gone. In cases that hinge on disputed facts having proof of your facts matters the most. If you are the accused, the police will provide plenty of evidence both real and fictional, to the prosecution. It is your lawyer’s job to gather the evidence favorable to you. If you wait to hire a lawyer until it is time to go to court your lawyer is likely to come up empty-handed in his search for evidence favorable to you. 

Even if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer immediately, it is important to talk to a lawyer regarding the evidence you should be collecting. In the modern age, social media may contain abundant evidence regarding crimes. You must understand what you can and cannot put on social media and, more importantly, what evidence you can glean from social media regarding the lacking credibility of your accuser. 

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