The Start of the drug lawyer


As a young lawyer twenty years ago, I noticed that over half of the criminal cases were drug cases. I trademarked the marijuana leaf and began calling myself “The Drug Lawyer. Over the years, I satirized the “War on Drugs” with fun billboards like, “Pot Prevents Road Rage. In 2014, I ran for Oklahoma for Governor on a ticket calling for “God Grass and Guns.” A year later, I projected a 100’ tall marijuana leaf onto the State Capitol to celebrate April 20.

Cases we frequently handle

Over the years, drug cases poured in –warrant cases, patfrisk cases, wiretap cases, Interstate interdiction cases, possession cases, possession with intent to distribute cases, distribution cases, trafficking cases, manufacturing cases, drug proceeds cases conspiracy cases.  They all had one thing in common. If we could not suppress the evidence, the trial had a poor risk-return ratio.